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The best way to see everything I’m working on, get something in return and support me while doing so is through Patreon.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is like Kickstarter meets Lootcrate: Each month, Patrons sponsor a Creator who creates cool stuff, and in exchange get to see exclusive content, earn rewards, and other bonuses.

Where are we going on this “journey?”

I refer to my Patreon as a “journey,” and I focus on two main projects:

Art Journey

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Learning art on the road

Digital art is such an incredible medium in that there’s so many tools to use and so many different ways to accomplish amazing things. I’m always learning, and I want to share what I learn with you.

In addition, I do a lot of traveling while running my business. I’ll be sharing what it’s like being an artist on the move, and all my successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way. My blogs and articles will help you use artist’s tools & resources more efficiently, learn how to travel affordably, and better manage your art sales.

Anthro Worlds

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What happens when animals evolve to be just like us?

Since I was a kid, I’ve been enamored with intelligent animals in fantasy and science fiction movies. Animals that can think, speak, and interact with objects just like people. You might have heard such animals described as anthropomorphic, or anthros.

But a lot of cartoons and movies featuring anthros leave out a lot of details: If anthros wore clothes, would they look exactly like humans’ clothes, or be better fashioned to fit their form? Would birds continue to use their feet to grip things, or could they evolve to have an opposable thumb on their wings? These ideas and more are what I want to explore through my art and writing. I’ll be reviewing how other creators, such as film animators or other artists, handle anthropomorphic creatures as well as producing original artwork of my own.

Let’s explore Anthro Worlds together.

Creative Resources

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Resources to help you succeed as an artist, designer or other creative

In addition to the above two projects, I’ll also be bundling various creative resources into download packs. These will include:

…and more. All of my creative resources are available on my Resources page, but patrons can download many of them for less.

My goal is to be as inclusive as possible with my work, so becoming my patron starts at only $1.

What you’ll see on my Patreon

What’s available to my patrons is best explained by my post tags:

Available to all patrons at $1 and above:

WIP Teaser


Works-in-progress, or snapshots of what I'm working on as it comes to life.

Art Process Teaser

Art Process

Often paired with a WIP post, I'll describe a little trick I used or leaned.

Completed Art Teaser

Completed Piece

Patrons get to see completed pieces before anyone else, often a month in advance.

Diary Teaser


"Day in the life" about my current travels, events, or the strange and wonderful bars and coffee shops in which I work.

Available to all patrons at $3 and above:

Tutorial Teaser


I'll create a very detailed, step-by-step guide on how to create a particular piece or style.

Downloads Teaser

Download Packs

A bundle of resources, such as reference photos, for less than offered on Gumroad.

Available to all patrons at $15:

Postcard Teaser

Custom Ink Drawing on a Postcard

If you really want to support me and join me on my travels, then sign up for the $15 reward level. Every month, I'll make an ink drawing that you request on a post card and mail it to you.

Many of my posts are open to the public, so take a look yourself to see a sample of the kinds of content you’ll unlock as a patron.

My Patreon is more than just seeing stuff I’m working on, though.

Journey Points

My patrons also earn “Journey Points” for each month which can be traded for commissioned art. Take a look at my commission offers to see what’s available and their cost in Journey Points.

Creator Goals

I have a number of goals set as I gain more and more patrons, such as offering a prize raffle of custom art, creating Q&A videos, or writing more Art Journey blogs to help fellow creators with their businesses and travel. By joining my journey, you’ll be contributing towards these goals and helping unlock even better rewards for you and more interesting projects from me.

Join my journey!

Join my journey today to learn about my art process, download creative resources, read about my travels and earn rewards!

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