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Art isn’t a skill one is simply born with. It takes years of continuous practice. It’s the journey of a lifetime in the truest sense.

As I continue my more literal journey of traveling around the globe, I’m inviting you to join me on my artistic journey as well. In addition to travel diaries, I’ll be sharing my art, software and business tutorials to teach what I know, and more, all through Patreon.

What’s Patreon and how does it work?

Patreon is an exclusive platform that helps fans like you to support artists like me for as little as $3 monthly while getting something in return.

You can start or stop your membership (or pledge) at any time. As soon as you join my journey, you’ll unlock all my posts, resources, downloads and more available to the level you’ve chosen.

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Where are we going on this journey?

There are three main topics I focus on in my Patreon.

Art journey

As mentioned, art takes years and years of practice to learn, and I’m not shy to admit that I have a long way to go. Whenever I learn anything, you’ll learn something too. I’ll share resources I find to improve my creation process, and create tutorials to teach you what I’ve learned. You’ll also see what I’m working on in the form of works-in-progress (WIP) images and early access to completed pieces.

Global journey

It was my dream since I was young to travel to as many places as I could, and I’m so privileged to finally be able to. On my patreon, I share photos, videos and stories from my travels, both prior journeys and current ones. Everything from iconic landmarks to quirky bars and cafes, I’ll share what it’s like to be a nomadic artist working wherever my laptop can take me.

Anthro Worlds

As is pretty evident from my art, I’m a big fan of animals and fantasy beasts, including anthropomorphic animals. And I’m not the only one! Animals that walk and talk like humans have been a popular topic of art, literature and film for centuries. I’d like to explore how other artists have handled this topic, and offer my own interpretation into the mix.

I’ve packed your suitcase for you. See what’s inside…

What you get from my Patreon depends on your pledge level. Below are descriptions of each pledge level and the rewards they unlock.

Join my journey as a Tourist

There’s no shame in being a tourist! Sometimes you just want to snap a photo, leave a tip and move on. Tourists get to see a considerable amount of my journey and feel great while doing so.

Here are the post types unlocked by Tourists and above:

Completed piece

Pledging patrons get to see my completed works before anyone else, sometimes by as much as 15 days.


I share many WIPs in my chat room, but patrons will get better compilations or exclusive WIPs on certain projects.


See the latest beach, coffee shop, hiking trail or historic monument I’ve visited on my travels! I’ll also write about life as a digital nomad.

Anthro Worlds

I’ll explore how a world of human-like animals would look and function, and analyze the works of other artists tackling this subject.


Whether it’s a tutorial, brush pack, textures, or some other creative resource I’ve found, I’ll share it with you!

Join my journey as a Sightseer

Perhaps you’re not the type that’s satisfied with just a photo. If you enjoy going that much further along the trail or deeper into the jungle, join my journey as a Sightseer!

Sightseers unlock all the posts above and also get to see these extras:

Journey Tips

These posts explain the tools and software I use to create art, things to keep in mind as I run my business, and other topics covering my art journey.

Art Process

I’ll describe how I create, sometimes in short blurbs and other times in detailed tutorials and videos.


Downloadable resources, such as reference photos, character design templates, or original .PSD files including line art and more.

Join my journey as a Traveler

When it comes to travel, they say “take only photos, leave only footprints,” but what’s wrong with bringing home a little souvenir?

If you want to unlock all of the above tags and get something original, join as a Traveler and I will create a custom ink on a postcard and mail it to you—every month! You can request what you’d like me to draw. The postcards are actual souvenirs I’ve picked up from various places on my travels, so you’ll get to travel alongside me, too!

What’s further on the horizon

My patreon changes and evolves as my journey does. I plan on offering new or additional rewards for my patrons in the future, including physical items such as prints, stickers, charms and more. I’ll also want to start live streaming and offering patron-first commissions and streams.

I am open to feedback and suggestions at any time. Is there something in particular you’re on the hunt for that would make my journey that much better for you? Feel free to let me know!

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