Terms of Service

Agreement to these terms

Upon hiring me to complete a piece (defined by establishing a written agreement and paying the first or full payment), the client agrees to the terms outlined below. These terms are subject to change, however any clients will be notified ahead of time. Any terms agreed upon prior to the start of a project shall hold for that individual project unless otherwise discussed with the client.

Unique terms for individual projects may be discussed in writing, typically over email. In such cases, those terms supplement the terms described here and hold for their designated projects.

The terms described here hold unless otherwise communicated between myself and the client. Unique terms supplemental to those described here must be documented (via email, text, chat client, or other digital and recordable means), with confirmation replies from both client and myself.

Paper receipts shall suffice as documentation of supplemental terms and agreements where email communication is inconvenient or unnecessary, such as conventions and events. I encourage clients to make digital facsimiles of paper receipts, e.g. via cameras, smartphones or scanners.


Quotes are valid up to 6 months after they are delivered in writing.

Ownership & Display of Work

I retain the rights to display any completed work in my personal galleries as portfolio samples unless otherwise discussed and agreed-upon with the client.

The client holds the same rights to display my work at their discretion, provided it is not in a place or manner that is harmful to my name, brand or reputation, and provided that I am listed as the creator of the piece in a clearly displayed way.

I reserve the right to create and sell prints or other duplications of completed work unless otherwise discussed and agreed-upon with the client in writing.

The client does not have permission to duplicate or sell duplications my works in any way unless otherwise discussed and agreed-upon in writing.

If the client would like the right to modify completed works they have purchased (e.g. add color to an inked piece) or re-sell the original, this must be discussed with me for written confirmation and permission.


Payments are to be made via PayPal or Commiss.io, or cash if in-person. There are no exceptions. Refunds will be made in the same mode cash was received unless otherwise discussed with the client.

Edits & Completion

Work on any project does not begin until first or full payment is received and both client and myself have agreed to the project and terms in writing.

Small projects (typically those quoted at $50 or under) such as sketches and day-of orders (e.g. those ordered & delivered at conventions or other events) are to be paid in full and completed without any edits. Edits may be impossible after such orders are completed depending on mediums used and the nature of the project.

Larger projects, such as inks, “Full Details” and other custom orders, may be broken into smaller payments with a preview or progress view after each of the first payment(s) and final product delivered after the final. Written communication between client and myself will describe how payments correspond to previews and how many previews are allowed in a given project.

Previews and other works-in-progress images may be displayed on my Patreon for my paying patrons, and may be delivered to the client at my own discretion unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Any edits requested outside of what has been agreed upon in writing between client and myself are billed at an hourly rate of $25 (USD).


At conventions and events, I aim to complete pieces before noon of the final day of the event, or by an hour before close of a one-day event. I promise free shipping on any orders ordered at conventions or events that I cannot complete before this deadline.

All other deadlines must be requested by the client and agreed-upon by myself in writing. If no deadlines are discussed, I will complete work as soon as possible.

Should I fail to meet an agreed-upon deadline, I will discuss the matter with the client. The client owns any and all paid work for their project, in progress or completed, by the point of the deadline. If paid-for work is not in a suitable state of completion as agreed upon in writing, I will discuss potential refunds with the client.

Shipping & Delivery

I offer free shipping to any custom orders placed at conventions or events that I cannot complete and deliver before the event is over.

The client is otherwise responsible for any shipping costs should they choose to receive the original of their ordered piece, where applicable.

All clients will receive a hi-res, 300 dpi scan of their project where applicable and when I have resources available (e.g. I may not have access to a scanner at conventions and events, or a project may be too large for conventional scanners).

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