Commission Queue

Below is my current queue for my various commission types. The names listed are either the aliases provided to me, or first name and last initial based on PayPal statement.

If you prefer to go by a different name or not have your full first name displayed, I’ll be happy to update this list. Please note what’s initially shown below is based on information provided to me, and no offense is meant if I have an incorrect or outdated name listed.

Understanding this queue

Commission Lists

Each list is based on commission type, and not a composite list of all orders.

I tend to alternate working on different commission types as this aids both my physical health (taking a break from the screen to work on traditional art, for example) and my creativity (switching between styles so that my skills don’t grow stale in any particular one).

Order in which queue is completed

In general, outside of moving between different lists, I honor “first come first serve” for commissions. Exceptions may be made if, for example, I know a particular piece can be completed quickly and bumped up to fit a small spot of free time that I have, or if someone has paid to move up in the queue per my Terms of Service. I do limit how many orders can pay to skip my queue, both to be fair to other customers and to manage my workload.

If I am missing feedback or details from you in order to complete your commission, you will be skipped in my queue until you provide me with what I need to continue. Please note that if I skip your commission to work on another, you may need to wait until I have finished the next commission I’ve started before I will start yours.

Spot openings

As spots open to take on new work, they will be added to their respective lists with [Open Spot] per each available slot. Sometimes, while many lists may show an open spot available, only one spot will be open across all commission types, and once that spot is claimed all the others will close. Please note that existing commissions take priority, even if a slot opens in an otherwise empty list.

Commission Queues

B&W Symmie Icons

none, closed


none, closed

Postcard Art

The “?” symbol denotes a recurring patron slot and will never be removed from the list unless their pledge is canceled. Patron slots are listed at the end, however are worked on from the 15th-20th of every month ahead of whatever other orders I may have. I aim to finish convention-ordered postcards within two months of the convention.

  1. Sportsballcat – Standard
  2. Churchill – Detailed
  3. ? Fenris S. – Standard
  4. ? Scott Z. – Standard
  5. ? Joshua J. – Standard
  6. ? Deanna B. – Standard
  7. ? Momma Derp – Standard
  8. ? Zider – Detailed

Digital Art

  1. Kiusanhenki – Full Details
  2. AnneS.D. – Full Details Portrait
  3. Zane/Selene – Scene

Reference Sheets

none, closed

Traditional Badges

  1. Kiusanhenki – Full

Interested in claiming a spot?

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