Commission FAQs

Ordering a commission

📌 How can I be notified when you open for commissions?

There are three great ways to stay up to date about my art:

📌 How do I order a commission?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Take a look at my commission offerings, or browse through my completed pieces to see if something captures your interest or is similar to what you’re looking for.
  2. You can fill out my commission form on my main commission page, email me, or message me on Telegram* to start a conversation.
  3. We’ll have a short and fun conversation about what you had in mind and how best I can bring it to life.
  4. After we’ve discussed the project and I’ve given you a quote, if you’re ready to proceed I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.
  5. Unless otherwise discussed, I will start work on the project once payment is received. Depending on the commission you’ve ordered, I’ll be in touch regarding concepts or work-in-progress previews. More details on this are below.

*Please note if you message me via Telegram that I cannot always respond immediately. My clients come from all over the world and your time zone may not match up with mine. Additionally, I take my work hours very seriously and may not respond or keep our conversation brief during them. I aim to respond to all inquiries within two business days.

I will also email any important Telegram notes to your email. This is to ensure there is a permanent record of our discussion, as both parties in a chat have the ability to delete conversations on Telegram.

📌 I don’t have a reference sheet of my character. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Some of my best commissions have been done without reference sheets. If you have a clear text description of your character, or a “mood board” of images that capture your idea, those will work just fine. Please bear in mind that without a clear reference or specific details, artistic liberty will be taken in bringing your idea to life. Most of my clients have been very happy with the results.

📌 I definitely want to commission you, but I’m not sure what I want. Can you come up with something yourself, or help me decide?

Sure! I actually greatly enjoy coming up with concepts, or learning about your characters and figuring out what sort of scene they might find themselves in. Some clients have been pleasantly surprised with ideas I’ve come up with on my own without much input. It’s entirely up to you how much loose or specific direction you want to provide. I’m very confident you’ll be happy with the results.

📌 What themes do you work with best? I want my commission to come out amazing!

I love fantasy themes, especially those involving adventurous travels or wandering merchants. Sorcerers, fortune tellers, alchemists, and other magical professions are always a delight. I’m happy to illustrate fighting warriors or skilled archers.

I also enjoy all things monstrous and snarly. If you have a werewolf or other beast and want them illustrated looking their most evil and menacing, count me in!

Craft beer and Irish-style pubs and taverns are a favorite topic of mine.

My interests aren’t limited to the above themes, and even if your idea falls outside my general interests I always promise to give each of my clients my best possible work.

📌 What themes do you dislike or outright refuse to work with?

I do not take “NSFW” or otherwise erotic commissions. I have nothing against these themes, but just don’t want such work in my portfolio at this time.

I dislike typical “furry” characters or body proportions. By this I mean characters that look like a normal human but with a husky head and tail added. However, please note that plenty of people with such characters have deliberately commissioned me to provide a different interpretation of their character. I’m almost always happy to spin your character in my style.

Mundane scenes, such as staring at a smart phone, walking down a street in a city, being in a modern home, etc. or contemporary clothing (jeans and a shirt) may bore me or not bring out my best work.

I may not be the best artist for pregnant or plus-sized characters.

I refuse all work and clients that discriminate against others based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc.

Paying for a commission

📌 What payment methods do you accept?

I prefer payment via PayPal. When using PayPal, I will send you an invoice. Never initiate payment with me; Please wait to receive my invoice.

At conventions and events, cash in the local currency is accepted. I can also currently process credit card payments via my PayPal Here (payment will be processed in USD) or SumUp reader (payment will be processed in Euros).

If PayPal is not an option for you, please discuss with me other possible ways to pay. In the past, I have accepted other online means such as Google Pay or even Amazon gift cards, but now that my business in based in France I must ensure compliance with local laws, first.

📌 Do I get a discount on a large commission for using a sketch I purchased earlier from a “Sketch Pomodoro” slot?

Short answer is…maybe; Sketch Pomodoros are considered stand-alone items and don’t always contribute towards the cost of a larger commission. There are also circumstances where a requested sketch from these time slots might not be suitable for a requested commission type; for example if a scene is requested but the sketch is posed in such a way that it won’t fit in any scene, or if the sketch is old it may no longer fit my skill level or style. In some cases, I may discount the cost of a commission if you’ve already funded the concept sketch, in particular if artistic liberty is given in fleshing out the rest of the commission.

📌 Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! My patrons get a gradually increasing percentage off both my online shop and my commission quotes depending on their pledge level and how long they have been on my journey. You can join my journey today and, depending on your pledge, immediately earn a discount on your commission!

I also offer an increasing discount if you’re a repeat customer. After you’ve ordered and I’ve completed a first commission for you, your second, third, fourth, etc. commissions from me may earn a discount! See my main commission page for details.

All discounts on commissions are offered at my discretion and may not apply to all commission offerings.

📌 I checked the latest conversion rates and your dollar/euro comparison isn’t right.

Conversion rates between different currencies fluctuate all the time (literally by the second in some cases!). The prices displayed on my commission page are what I am comfortable receiving in either currency and reflect the time and skill put into my work.

My prices may be adjusted every 3 months. Be sure to check my commission listings regularly, or feel free to ask me for details at any time.

📌 Can I send you a tip?

Tips are always welcome and appreciated! You may add a tip to your PayPal invoice, or buy me a brew via my Ko-Fi.

Commission edits and work-in-progress (WIP) updates

📌 What does it mean if concepts are “included” or not?

Concepts are rough scribbles to plan out your commission request or test different ideas before completing the final piece. Larger or more detailed commissions will often include one or more concept sketches. You can see how concept sketches are used to determine a final project in my case studies such as this one or this one.

The commission types listed on my Commission page indicate if a concept sketch is included or not, and how many. If they’re included, this means I will send you the corresponding number of concept sketches for you to choose from before starting your commission.

Concept sketches are typically not included for commissions under $100 or formany of my traditional media pieces.

📌 What if I want to add a concept sketch (or several concept sketches) to my commission?

You may request additional concept sketches for $35 per concept.

📌 What does it mean if edits are “included” or not?

An edit is when I share a work-in-progress image of your commission and allow you to request changes. You are automatically allowed to request changes to your approved concept sketch before a commission begins (e.g. change a character’s arm so it’s pointing in a different direction), even if otherwise no edits have been included. Depending on your commission type, you may be allowed another chance to preview the image and request edits. Some edits might be specified to only happen after a certain step in the creation process (for example, you can request edits after the first coloring stage of a Banner Animal to make sure I have the markings correct), or will be discussed with me on when would be appropriate to pause for an edit review.

Please note that not all requested edits can be made or may only be offered with an additional fee. These are typically for major edits, such as changing a character’s entire outfit after it is already drawn or asking for a different light source after the scene is already shaded.

📌 What if I want more edits?

Edits on an already in-progress commission which aren’t included in the agreed-upon price are charged at my hourly rate indicated in my TOS.

📌 Where can I see updates or WIPs on my commission?

My patrons on my Patreon get to see WIPs of nearly all of my work unless discussed and agreed-upon otherwise for a particular commission. I also often share WIPs with my public Telegram chat.

I will share our agreed-upon number of edits with you via your preferred communication method. Telegram works best for me, but I’m happy to share over Discord or Email as well.

📌 Can I request edits while I watch you livestream my commission?

The short answer is no, and there are many reasons for this.

I don’t always have the best connection when I stream, or I deliberately choose to avoid distractions, and have any means of chatting with viewers turned off while I stream. I may miss yours and others’ comments while I draw!

Requesting edits in the middle of a work session, especially a live one, can drastically distract and slow down my overall progress. It’s best to wait until specifically prompted (for example, if I pause while drawing and ask you what you think) or for our agreed-upon edit rounds, which are typically discussed privately over your preferred communication method.

Finally, my live streams are meant to serve as both entertainment for my fans and a means of promoting myself and my art. Getting several edit requests in the middle of my “show” harms both of those things. I aim to keep open and honest communication with all of my clients and take their problems seriously, but any problems (including needing to adjust something for your commission) are best handled privately first.

All of that said, minor issues that should be obvious to both of us can generally be called out. For example, if you’ve given me a clear guide about your character’s design that includes, say, that they carry a black satchel, and you see me coloring it yellow, you can feel free to point that out while I’m streaming.

Commission completion

📌 How soon will my commission be completed?

In 2018 I encountered a series of life obstacles that severely delayed my commission turn-around. This was unexpected and resulted in unintended delays. That said, as I’ve made my way through my 2018 queue I’ve focused on improving my overall speed. My goal for all individual commissions (with rare exceptions) is to complete them within a week. I may take on large batches of commissions at conventions or when running a promotion, in which case it may take me 1-3 months to get through my commission queue.

If you have a specific deadline for your commission you must discuss this with me when ordering it. I will be honest if I feel I can meet your deadline or not. Meeting your deadline, particularly if it involves jumping ahead of others in my queue, may involve additional charges as outlined in my TOS.

📌 For Sketch Pomodoro slots, how do you measure a “half hour”?

I use the Toggl timer app to record my time. I only include drawing time and stop the timer during breaks, including short pauses to stretch.

📌 What are “badge-ready” adjustments?

Badges, or images of a character with its name prominently displayed, are a popular item to wear at conventions. Where indicated in my commission guide, I’m happy to adjust a digital file so that it can be printed and made into a badge. This typically includes adding the character name (either with a font or my handwriting), and may include adding a frame or other simple background around the character. These adjustments do not come with edits. You may request edits at my hourly rate as detailed in my TOS.

📌 What files do I get with a digital commission?

You will get a “web” friendly version which includes my watermark and is shrunken in size both to protect the media from theft and for ease of loading online. You will also be sent a hi-res, watermark-free version for your personal, non-commercial use. It is requested that this version is kept private and not shared online. See my full terms on your usage rights here.

At your request, I can prepare a transparent .PNG version or other file changes depending on the nature of the file and how the composition is set up. I can also crop the file at your request. I can do some of these requests for free but may charge a fee for several or more complex requests. 

📌 How will I receive my commission?

I will send you the file(s) for your digital commission based on your preferred communication method (for example, if we’ve been discussing your commission over Telegram, I will send you the files through there). If you prefer to receive your commission another way, just let me know.

Traditional commissions can be mailed to your shipping address or picked up at my next event.

After the commission is complete

📌 Can I make prints of the commission I ordered from you?

The short answer is no; My commissions do not come with printing rights. Please refer to my TOS for more details, including how you can purchase printing rights for yourself.

I do not mind if my clients make up to 5 prints of their commission for personal use (among friends and family) only.

📌 That was amazing! I want to order from you again. Do repeat customers get anything special?

Thank you! Yes, as mentioned above, I love repeat customers and offer them an increasing discount if they order another commission from me. Please see my main commission page or feel free to ask me for more details.

If you enjoyed your commission, I may ask if you’d be willing to provide a testimonial. Your testimonials greatly help in promoting myself, not to mention are a welcome ego boost.

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