I love bringing others’ characters and imaginations to life, and creating one-of-a-kind designs to support their businesses or events. Below are some of the most common projects I offer to my clients.

Please use the request form at the bottom if you’re interested in getting a quote or if you would like to discuss your project or ideas.

Prices are in USD and Euro and may be re-assessed every 3 months. Quotes are good for 4 months from the moment they are delivered.

B&W Symmie Icon

A character or creature drawn in a symmetrical template in scratchy black and white, with an accent color (typically for eyes). You choose the expression and accent color.

Merch Designs

Logos, shirts, stickers and other commercial art, including license to print and use commercially and/or exclusively.

Sketches (digital)

Concepts included: None  –  Edits included: None

🆕 Sketchy Time – $15/13€ $7.5/8.5€ per half hour slot (minimum 1 slot commitment)

  • Fun for doodles, new icons, etc. or test an idea before committing to a larger commission
  • Not limited to just one drawing, can be several per each half-hour slot!
  • Option to continue buying half-hour slots to flesh out the sketch and add more details, even color

🆕 Portrait sketch – $25/22€ $12.5/11€

  • Includes shading and details
  • badge-ready name and adjustments for free

🆕 Expression sketches (batch of 3) – $49/43€ $24.5/21.5€ Recommended

  • May be slightly looser than a portrait sketch, but certainly more complete than a rough sketch
  • Great way to build a collection of expression references

Add +$35/30€ to above prices on Portrait and Expression sketches to be done traditionally, which includes shipping within Europe and North America.

Postcard Inks

Concepts included: None  –  Edits included: None

Postcard inks are only available for my patrons (join my journey) or at my convention appearances (see my calendar).

Patreon Prices

  • Standard – $25*
  • Larger with Details – $50*
  • Larger with Details (Full Card) – $65*

Convention Prices

  • Standard – $30/25€
  • Larger with Details – $55/45€
  • Larger with Details (Full Card) – $75/65€

*Conversion to another currency handled by Patreon

Lines and Fills

Concepts included: 2  –  Edits included: 1 after color fill phase

Cel Shaded Character – $69/60€

  • Your (full) character in a “cel shaded” or cartoony look
  • includes texture or photo background (transparent background version can be made on request)
  • badge-ready name and adjustments for free

Banner Animal – $149/130€ Recommended

  • Your words or a phrase on a ribbon surrounding your character
  • “Feral” or animal-like characters preferred, but anthro allowed
  • Versions with and without ribbon provided
  • Badge-ready name and adjustments for free

“Full Details” – Color or Grayscale

Concepts included: 3   –   Edits included: 2

Headshot – $59/50€

  • Highly detailed portrait of your character
  • Includes texture or photo background
  • Transparent .PNG available on request
  • Badge-ready name and adjustments for free

Scene – Starting at $189/165€ Recommended

  • A full illustration including a background and/or interaction with other characters or props
  • Can be a bust or full-body character (whatever works best with the scene)
  • Ideal for prints, desktop wallpapers, fleshing out story ideas, etc.
  • Price depends on background, number of characters and character complexity

Patron bonus

Patreon logo in navy and white on a transparent background

If you’ve joined my journey by pledging your support via Patreon, additional discounts will be worked into your commission quote on top of any other discounts you’ve earned. Mention your pledge when discussing your commission project with me for more details.

Repeat customer bonus

I enjoy working with repeat customers in bringing their imagination and characters to life, and would like my pricing to reflect that. If you order a second commission (or third, or fourth…) from me after ordering a first one, I’ll work in the below bonuses into the pricing at my discretion.

First repeat: 5% off 

Second repeat: 7% off 

Third+ repeat: 10% off

Request a commission

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B&W Symmie IconMerch DesignSketchesPostcard InkLines and FillsFull DetailsSomething else...

B&W Symmie Icon

Merch Design

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Sketchy TimePortrait SketchExpression Sketches x3

Sketchy Time

30 minutes1 hour1.5 hours2 hours2.5 hoursMore...

Portrait Sketch

Expression Sketches

Postcard Inks

Postcard inks are available by Joining my Journey on Patreon or at my convention appearances. Hope to see you on my journey or at an event of mine soon!

Lines and Fills

Cel Shaded CharacterBanner Animal

Cel Shaded Character

Banner Animal

Full Details


Full Details Headshot

Full Details Scene

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