I love drawing animals and fantasy creatures. Below is a collection of pieces created for practice, my own enjoyment, as commissions, or as designs for my shop.

You can learn about my art process by reading some of my project stories.

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Postcard Art

One of my signature art styles – black Micron ink (various sizes) on a variety of postcard types – was something born out of necessity from my months of traveling around the world and living out of a suitcase. Art supplies can be quite bulky, but basic inking tools are small enough to fit in any carry-on, and postcards can be purchased, drawn on, and shipped out without taking any luggage space. My postcards started as souvenirs bought in stores, but I’ve since used my own travel photography to create (and standardize) my own.

Banner Animals Series

This series started as an experiment to see how long it took me to create a full-colored piece every day in under two weeks, while trying to motivate and inspire myself in my new (at the time) art career. They’ve since become my most popular works, and I find new words to add onto banners around animals all the time.

Expressive & Imaginative Characters

As a fan of all things magic and fantastical, I love drawing and designing new characters and creatures, especially the anthropomorphic kind. I’ve used a variety of digital styles and traditional mediums to bring a range of creatures to life, each with their own personality and expressiveness.

Fantasy Scenes

Imagining strange creatures and expressive characters is one thing, but what about the lives they live and the worlds they inhabit? While somewhat new to full illustrations, I’m enjoying adding backgrounds and props with my character art, leaving the viewer to imagine more about their lives, purposes, even just what they’re chatting about at the moment.

If you enjoy my art, many of the designs above are available in my Redbubble Shop as stickers, shirts, notebooks, home accessories and more.

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