I love drawing animals and fantasy creatures. Below is a collection of pieces created for practice, my own enjoyment, as commissions, or as designs for my shop.

You can learn about my art process by reading some of my project stories.

Animals with ribbons series

This series started with only the first ten wolves, and was done simply to see how long it took me to create a full-colored piece every day in under two weeks. They’ve since become my most popular works, and I find new words to add onto ribbons around animals all the time.. Since so many have asked, they’re now available as stickers, shirts, notebooks, phone cases and more.

Anthro worlds

If animals walked, talked, and lived as humans do, what would they look like? How would their world function? Many of these images are just fun depictions of anthropomorphic characters (including commissions), but many are explorations into what an Anthro World would be like.

Imaginative beasts

What interested me in art in the first place is seeing the fantastical worlds and creatures one could bring to life through a variety of mediums. These pieces come from various ideas I’ve had. Many are simple, fun or experimental pieces as I learn how to go further with my art.

Shop designs

After the success of my Wolves with Ribbons series, I fell in love with creating merch-friendly designs of a variety of subjects and took on merch design projects as commissions. These designs are made to work well on shirts, stickers and as other print items.

Grayscale, lines and sketches

My favorite “style” is drawing in greyscale and ink, be it digitally or traditionally. I love shading and highlighting and working with different values without the complexity or distraction of color. Below is a growing collection of pieces done as simple sketches, lines or in black and white.


If you enjoy my art, many of the designs above are available in my Redbubble Shop. So far, those who have ordered stickers and shirts from my shop have been thrilled with the quality. If you’re looking for something custom-made for yourself, whether it’s character art, a sticker or shirt design, logo design or even a beer label, check out my commission offerings and discuss your project with me.

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