This crafty beast…

Welcome! I’m an artist from Chicago and world traveler who now resides in Nantes, France.

I create original character illustrations and designs for a variety of products, from t-shirts to beer labels, stickers and more. Animals, fantasy creatures and other beasts are my favorite subjects. I enjoy painting fantasy scenes that tell a story in the viewer’s mind, or depicting a lurking sense of anguish in my semi-realistic beastly drawings.

I refer to my art and travels as a “journey,” much of which I share via the membership platform Patreon. You can also watch me bring my beasts to life through my regular Twitch streams.

Zelaphas at her Dealer's Den table at Eurofurence in Berlin, Germany 2019

…is a wandering merchant

During my travels around the world, I make sure to stop at popular conventions and other events to bring my wares for sale. At my iconic dark purple table, you'll be sure to find prints of my art in sizes ranging from large poster prints to small square metallic keepsakes, luggage tags (for your own travels!), stickers, zines, charms, holiday ornaments and cards, and more. The range of my stock and designs is ever-growing, and I'm always open to new ideas or suggestions.

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I travel. A lot. You can currently find me in Nantes, France. But...that may change sooner than you know it.

You can keep up with my life and travels through my “diary” entries on Patreon. Since I do digital art with a laptop or inks on postcards, I can take my work with me almost anywhere, leading to the discovery of quirky cafes, creative craft bars, museums, beaches and more. Plus, I take my wares with me around the globe as a vendor at various conventions. I'm happy to answer any questions people have, whether it’s about art, travel, business, or...well, anything, really.

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