Below is a brief selection of some of my work. You can see more by clicking on the links at the very bottom.

I love drawing animals and fantasy creatures, although more recently I’ve been pushing myself to explore other subjects and expand my capabilities.

Anthro Worlds

If animals walked, talked, and lived as humans do, what would they look like? How would their world function? Many of these images are just fun depictions of anthropomorphic characters, but many are explorations into what an Anthro World would be like.

Want some?
jackrabbit hitchhiker
snow leopard sentry
cat with a map
fox gladiator

Wolves with Ribbons series

This series was done simply to see how long it took me to create a full-colored piece every day in under two weeks. They’ve since become my most popular works. Since so many have asked, they’re now available as stickers, shirts, notebooks, phone cases and more.

Carpe Diem
done is better than perfect
don't give up
fear is in your mind
have courage
just keep drawing
normal is boring
run wild and free
welcome to goodbye

Beer Labels

Who doesn’t love a good craft brew? I love creating imaginative characters and designs for home brewers and craft beers. If you’re looking for a custom beer label design, look no further!

shark bite beer label
no laughing matter Lager
big bite IPA

Imaginative Beasts

lion commission

Grayscale and Sketches

deer sketch
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